An old and tasty typical Carinthian dish made with boiled and chopped pork offal (in the past they also used veal or sheep meat), old soaked bread, eggs, fried onions and spices. Baked mežerli is often served with a potato salad or baked potatoes.

Mežerli is often offered by tourist farms and old inns in Slovenj Gradec.

Kločevi nudlni / RECIPE /

The name Kločevi nudlni is taken after the pear filling, which is called »kvoce« (the Mežica valley) or »kloce« (the Mislinja  valley and the Drava valley) in  Koroška region. The »pockets« are made of dough and filled with  a filling. They are served as an appetizer, main course, a dessert or as a side dish to meat dishes.


For the dough:

50 dag of wheat flour

1 egg

1 tablespoon fat or vegetable oil

Pinch of salt

Lukewarm water

For the stuffing:

25 dag of dried pears

1 egg

Dry/old white bread

Sugar to taste

1 tablespoon of pear brandy


Preparation method:

From the ingredients knead a softer dough and let it rest for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the filling by cooking dried pears, core and grind them. Add an egg, white bread cubes, sugar to taste and a tablespoon of brandy. Stir well and make balls in the shape of a walnut. The filling must be thick enough to keep the shape. Roll out the dough thin, put the filling on it, leaving two or three finger wide gaps between the balls. Cut a piece of dough large enough to cover the area covered with filling.  Press the edges well so they hold together, and squeeze out the air. Use a pastry cutter to cut out individual pockets. Boil the prepared pockets in salted water for ten to fifteen minutes. Take them out of the boiling and place them in a heated bowl. They can be served in two ways. If they are prepared as a warm appetizer or side dish to meat dishes, cover them with hot cracklings (ocvirki) or serve  them with breadcrumbs and sugar fried in butter as a dessert.

Kločevi nudlni are offered by tourist farms.

Carinthian rye sourdough bread

Traditional Carinthian rye bread is prepared with homemade yeast and only using rye flour. With its characteristic sour taste, it goes well with butter and honey, and on Carinthian farms you can also try it in addition to cold cuts. This is probably the only bread that isn’t as good when eaten hot due to its gummy consistency. You need to wait at least a few hours for it to cool down.

Even today, rye sourdough bread has a special place in Carinthia, as many traditional meals and customs are connected to it. This is one of the reasons why the recognition of the Carinthian rye sourdough bread as an intangible cultural heritage is one of the main goals of the »Koroška košta project«.  The project is taking place in 2021, as Slovenia has been named the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 based on its gastronomic offers.

Wolf’s coffee

The Carinthian Regional Museum has made sure that the story of the coffee lover, the exceptional composer Hugo Wolf, who was born in Slovenj Gradec, continues today. With the Escobar roastery, they designed a special coffee blend that has a fruity sweet aroma and a caramel and hazelnut flavor aftertaste. You can try the coffee in selected bars, served in a special way with cream and praline on the side, or you can buy the coffee pack, which is a great gift and a souvenir of our place.