A dish which for centuries has been transferred from generation to generation. It consists of a chilled mixture of wine, sugar and cinnamon which is poured over toasted bread.

Crispy flancati pastries

Fried pastry sprinkled with icing sugar, which was created for those with a sweet tooth.



A dose of energy for food lovers, which consists of sour cream, eggs and cornflour. 

Tržiška flika

A dish for all lovers of flatbreads; a circular flatbread made of rolled yeast dough which is topped with a sour cream spread.

‘Tržišk’ kosiv’ (Tržič lunch)

A lunch, which used to be eaten mainly at Easter, which consists of beef soup, roast meat/meat loaf, salad and sauteed potatoes.

Tržic bržola

Warm up with this stew made from lamb or mutton and vegetables.