The most well-known Istrian pasta is an accompaniment to meat dishes with a lot of sauce. Fuži is prepared from simple noodle dough made of flour and eggs with a touch of oil and white wine.


A typical Istrian dish made of eggs. There are many different types of fritaja. The choice and method of preparation depend on one’s imagination, taste, and what is available in the fridge!



Pinca is a typical Easter dessert, or rather a sweet bread, which in many places is still baked today.


These are small cake-shaped biscuits, which in the past used to be found on tables mainly to celebrate confirmations and weddings as well as other holidays.

Fig loaf

Fig loaf (or ball) is a simple dish which is usually prepared in autumn, straight after the grape harvest, when some must wine has been saved.

Fritole (fancli)

Ocvrto sladko testo, ki mu v vaseh Slovenske Istre pravijo fritole, ponekod pa fancli, v slovenskem jeziku temu pecivu pravimo miške, ker oblika peciva spominja nanje.

Hroštole (from the Italian word crostoli)

Hroštole are sweet, fried pastries, which in the past used to be prepared for various celebrations, festivals, events and, of course, carnival time.