This spirit, made from the young tips of fir trees and the cones of dwarf pines, is a speciality which unites the tradition of shepherding in the surroundings of Kamnik with the modern trends for picking herbs and other plants.


Kamnik mustard

A mustard made to a traditional recipe which was the most important product of the company Stanko Žargi, the founder and first owner of the Eta factory.


Kamnik kajžerca sausage

A parboiled sausage which is based on the family tradition of the Kamnik Podgoršek butchers.

Kloštrska kremšnita (Cloister cream slice)

A cream slice which originates from the Ursuline Monastery in Mekinje.


Firšt’s Goulash

A reminder of the hunting expeditions of Archduke Karl II in 1564. In the vicinity of Predaselj the archduke’s escorts ate at a stone table.

Tuhinjska fila (Tuhinj stuffing)

A dish traditionally eaten on traditional and festive holidays made of ham, white bread, eggs, onions, cream and herbs.


A salty pear-shaped cheese from Velika planina which has ornate decorations made using small wooden engraved boards.