In Idrija, the traditional homemade drink of the miners is the absinthe (wormwood) spirit geruš. Dare you try it?


Smukavc is a stew prepared from leaves of cabbage or chicory, potato and garlic and larded with minced lard. 

Idrija’s štruklji

The štruklji (dumplings) are prepared from dough and a sweet filling of walnuts and raisins.


Ocvirkovca is cake made from leavened dough and is filled with cracknels.


Zeljškevka is a cake made from leavened dough filled with with chives. 

Rezi cake

 Idrija offers to its visitors a sweet culinary specialty, which is adorned with sugar lace, named the Rezi cake. The lace illustrates how a drop of mercury drops into a tube and spills into a mining town.

Idrija’s žlikrofi

Idrijski žlikrofi are made from dough with a potato filling and are especially known for their characteristic shape which resembles Napoleon’s hat. They are served with ‘bakalca’ – a dish made of mutton and vegetables – or with other sauces.